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1 a cage (usually made of wood and wire mesh) for small animals
2 small crude shelter used as a dwelling [syn: hovel, hut, shack, shanty]

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  1. A cage in which a rabbit or rabbits are kept.
    • 1960, Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird, chapter 16,
      To reach the courtroom, on the second floor, one passed sundry sunless county cubbyholes: the tax assessor,... the circuit clerk, the judge of probate lived in cool dim hutches that smelled....
  2. A piece of furniture in which items may be displayed

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Nissen hut, Quonset hut, archives, armory, arsenal, attic, bank, basement, bay, bin, bonded warehouse, bookcase, booth, box, bundle away, bunker, buttery, cache, cargo dock, cellar, chest, closet, coffer, conservatory, crate, crib, cupboard, deposit, depository, depot, dock, drawer, dump, exchequer, file, gatehouse, glory hole, godown, hold, hut, kiosk, lay away, lay down, lay in, lay in store, lean-to, library, locker, lodge, lumber room, lumberyard, magasin, magazine, outbuilding, outhouse, pack away, pavilion, put away, rack, repertory, reposit, repository, reservoir, rick, salt away, salt down, sentry box, shack, shanty, shed, shelf, stack, stack room, stall, stash, stock room, storage, store, store away, storehouse, storeroom, stow, stow away, stow down, supply base, supply depot, tank, tollbooth, tollhouse, treasure house, treasure room, treasury, vat, vault, warehouse, wine cellar
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